In order to create a more relaxed environment for her clients, Janet opened her own business, BodyKNEADS Health Centre, in 2010. Now in its current location within AVANTĒ Clinic (a medical skincare clinic), Janet has found the perfect fit for her Massage Therapy practice. When clients walk through the door, you can almost see them leave their fast-paced lifestyle behind.

Each massage therapy visit is created to suit your individual needs. One day you may want to treat a tension headache, the next appointment may be focused on relaxation. It’s your choice.

At BodyKNEADS we believe in a thorough assessment to ensure proper treatment is being provided in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Throughout the treatment we try to educate our clients about their condition, their body in general, and about things they can do to help themselves recover. We are genuinely interested in the lives of our clients. We love learning about your families, your interests and even your wellness tips. (We’ve learned about some great apps and products from our clients).

Upon the completion of an appointment we often provide our clients with self care recommendations. This is often stretches, but may also include resistance exercise, hot/cold therapy, medical devices or self care classes. We also feel a team of health care professionals, working together, is best for a client’s recovery. For this reason we will also provide referrals when necessary (for example, for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Foot care, Osteopathy, or to a Naturopathic Doctor).